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Race Equality at Cambridge


The University of Cambridge does not tolerate racial harassment or racial discrimination in any form.

We are committed to supporting all members of the University community. The pages below provide details of help and support available to staff and students.

Information for Students

Support is available through Colleges, the Student Union Advice Service and the University Student Counselling Service, which includes specialist Mental Health and BME Counsellors.

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Information for Staff

Staff can turn to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, Dignity at Work, Human Resources, and the Internal Mediation Service, in addition to the University Grievance Procedure.

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Colleges are appointing Discrimination and Harassment Contacts whose role is to provide confidential support to students who may be experiencing any form of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct.

This could include anything linked to a ‘protected characteristic’ (race, religion and belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, or sex).

The contacts will support race equality within each College, as well as advising students who have experienced harassment on reporting options, and referring them to specialists for help.

Please contact individual Colleges for further information.

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