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Race Equality at Cambridge

Race Equality Network - Black History Month 2021

The Race Equality Network is a community for staff members who self-identify as being from a racial minority ethnic background and/or who have an interest in the topic of race and would like to contribute to anti-racism initiatives at the University. 

It aims to create a sense of belonging by providing a safe forum to network, socialise  share, question, challenge and receive support and advice in relation to race equality. The Network aspires to be a consultative body for the University and colleges, providing a perspective and authoritative voice on race-related policy and initiatives.

The aim is for ownership of the network to lie within its membership who will have appropriate support and connections. The network’s main goal is to translate discussions into tangible actions to improve the staff experience for those from racial minority ethnic backgrounds at the University of Cambridge.'

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The Race Equallity Network is open to all members of staff at the University of Cambridge and its constituent Departments, Institutions and Colleges. There are termly all-member meetings with updates from the committee, as well as social events, panels and

REN Committee 2024

  • Manaz Javaid (Co-Chair) -  EDI Manager, Judge Business School
  • Jasmine Brady (Co-Chair) - Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Paula Rogers-Brown (Vice Chair) - Connect: Health Tech, University Enterprise Zone
  • Eseosa Akojie (Communications Co-ordinator) - Equity UK
  • Dr Evaleila Pesaran - Fellow in Politics and International Relations, Murray Edwards College
  • Scarlett Li-Williams - Science Communicator, Department of Psychiatry
  • Dr Soraya Jones - Associate Fellow, Homerton College
  • Reshmin Haq - Learning and Development Consultant, Personal and Professional Development
  • Jane Gaffa - Research Governance Adviser, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
  • Dr Haddy Fye -  Project Manager, DPUK's Experimental Medicine Incubator
  • Karen Fernandes - UIS Senior Product Manager
  • Regie Brogan - Senior Teaching Laboratory Technician, Department of Pathology
  • Sevcan Birdal - Communications Manager, Judge Business School

Thanks to all our sponsors:

  • School of Technology
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Clinical Medicine
  • School of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

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We're building a new online community of members in Microsoft Teams. Visit our new Sharepoint site for the link to join.

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