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Race Equality at Cambridge


The University offers a range of online and face-to-face courses to disseminate knowledge on equality and inclusion issues.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Equality and Diversity Essentials - Covering the main principles of equality and diversity and legislation, how equality and diversity impacts on the University and members of the University community, and key initiatives and resources available.
  • Understanding Unconscious or Implicit Bias - Introduces implicit bias and the impact it can have and explores situations where individuals own unconscious bias might affect their ability to make objective decisions or judgements.
  • Session on Race Awareness - The session helps to increase the understanding of race and racism and what it means to become an antiracist ally. It aims to enhance participants’ confidence in speaking about race, to provide tools to build capacity to challenge racism. 
  • Springboard - a Women’s Development Programme. 
  • Where do you draw the line  - This training is currently being rolled out in institutions. It gives individual departments the opportunity to undertake a collective analysis of the individual and contextual factors that might create and perpetuate a work environment in which harassment and bullying occur and empowers participants to work collaboratively to address this.
  • Bespoke Training - Training can also be designed and delivered on request. Please contact Equality and Diversity

Personal and Professional Development