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Race Equality at Cambridge


The BAME Staff Network was launched in Michaelmas 2018 to give voice and visibility for BAME staff, and to offer a space for colleagues who self-identify as BAME and/or who have an interest in the topic of race and anti-racism to get involved.                                                                                                                                                                 

The Network organises events and provides an informal social space to share experiences in a confidential and supported environment. The Network is also a consultative body for the University, providing a perspective on policy and initiatives.

Get involved
One of the current Co-Chairs has stepped down, and we are seeking nominations for the Network’s Co-Chair and Secretary to shape the Network’s vision and activities. 

Nominations from Academic, Research, Academic-related or Assistant Staff are welcome. Please contact us to see the role descriptions and let us know if you would like to send an expression of interest. 

If you’d like to help run the Network by joining the Networking/Social or Consultative sub-groups, just drop us a line.
• Consultative subgroup – acts as a body for the University to consult with on policy and initiatives (such as the work on the Race Equality Charter);
• Social and networking subgroup - engages with the University on events, talks and communications related to the University’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy and organises informal social events to enable BAME staff to get together and meet others.

Stay in touch and get information on events
We have an email list on which we post all future events as well as interesting and useful information that we think our members will be interested in. To join, please visit: