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Race Equality at Cambridge


BAME Staff Network Charter

'The BAME Staff Network is a community for staff members who self-identify as BAME and/or who have an interest in the topic of race and would like to contribute to anti-racism initiatives at the University. It aims to create a sense of belonging by providing a safe forum to network, socialise  share, question, challenge and receive support and advice in relation to race equality. The Network aspires to be a consultative body for the University and colleges, providing a perspective and authoritative voice on race-related policy and initiatives.  The aim is for ownership of the network to lie within its membership who will have appropriate support and connections.  The network’s main goal is to translate discussions into tangible actions to improve the BAME staff experience at the University of Cambridge.'

The Network is chaired by Dr Rabia Dada-Oughton and Prof. Franklin Aigbirhio, and works closely with the University Race and Inclusion Champions.

Members of the BAME Staff Network Committee:

Junaid Bhatti
Amanda Hepton-Patchett
Morwan Osman
Hawa Abdul-Sydique
Esiri Lawrence

Jenny McGuigan is the Secretary of the BAME Staff Network.

Get involved, stay in touch and receive information on events
To join the BAME Staff Network and an email list on which we post events as well as information that we think our members may be interested in, please visit:

You can also email directly Dr Joanna Jasiewicz, E&D Consultant for race and anti-racism.