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Race Equality at Cambridge


The BAME Staff Network is being launched in Michaelmas 2018 to provide a space for staff who identify as BAME or have an interest in BAME matters to come together to support the development of race equality at the University.

It will act as a forum giving voice and visibility to BAME staff so that they can engage with the University through events, talks and communications relating to Cambridge’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy and plans. The network will also provide an informal social space for people to share experiences in a confidential and supported environment. In addition, the network will act as a consultative body for the University, providing a perspective on race equality policy and initiatives (such as work on the Race Equality Charter).

Sign up and contact the Co-Chairs

If you are interested in joining the newly set up BAME Staff Network, please register here. We are seeking volunteers for the Network’s subgroups so please contact the Network’s Co-Chairs Kusam Leal ( or Hawa Sydique ( if you are interested in being a volunteer in one or more of the subgroups:
Consultative subgroup – acting as a body for the University to consult with on policy and initiatives (such as the work on the Race Equality Charter);
Networking subgroup – engaging with the University on events, talks and communications related to the University’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy;
Social networking subgroup - organising informal social events to enable BAME staff to get together, socialise and meet others.