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Race Equality at Cambridge

Black women students celebrate 70 years since the first Black woman graduated from Cambridge


Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU) facilitates support and networking for Black and Minority Ethnic undergraduate students as part of the BME Campaign:

"We work with students and student officers offering support and facilitating networking within the ethnic community and the wider society [...] By creating a single cooperative for all BME Students, we are able to build networks and support each other as a community."

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CAMbFIRE is a new initiative "envisioned as a space  to discuss ideas, stories, experiences and thoughts by the members of the BAME community, on nuances of Cambridge or even beyond. It was founded by Dr. Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar and Mr. Zachary Zavide after deliberations on the need for a BAME+ (since it is welcoming to other voices beyond the BAME community itself) platform for conversations on lived experiences, ideas and representation. Within CAMbFIRE, we have had undergraduate, postgraduate and even town members participating in, and feeding into, the initiative, and it has given rise to some stimulating discussions and food for thought" Dr. Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar, Vice-President of the University's Graduate Union

Other student societies

Student clubs and societies also organise a variety of social, support and/or outreach activities.

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Black women studying at Cambridge celebrate 70 years since the first black woman graduated from the University, organised by the African Caribbean Society.