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Race Equality at Cambridge

Stephen J Toope

Our University should be free from racism, discrimination, prejudice and harassment. Achieving this objective requires an honest acknowledgement of the detrimental impact that racism can have on the entire collegiate community. 

- Professor Stephen J Toope


Racism is unacceptable. It undermines societies, it divides communities, and it prevents people from coming together with a shared purpose. It affects our staff and students by engendering feelings of isolation and dejection.


I want Cambridge to be a leader in defending equality and fostering inclusion. Our own research tells us that we have much work to do to improve the experience of many of our BAME staff and students, to diversify our recruitment and our curriculum, to ensure that our courses are inclusive, and to achieve greater representation of BAME staff in senior leadership and in governance structures.

The responsibility lies with each of us to robustly challenge racism, and to create an environment that is more conducive to openly discussing race-related issues. Our collegiate University can only bring about change through a collective and concerted effort from all members of the community.

I am very heartened by – and fully supportive of – the University’s bold and decisive plan of action to address these difficult and complex matters.